Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Women are more affected than men. Although depression is a complex illness with many contributing factors, research has shown that girls are at higher risk.

Studies have shown that symptoms often start from a young age and when they go unrecognized, can lead to poor functioning at work, school, and in the family. In the worst cases, depression can lead to suicide. However there are known interventions for depression, fewer than half of the girls affected around the world receive any help.

Lack of mental health education and stigma are two common barriers. Adolescent girls receive the majority of their health education from their peers. In order to raise awareness of mental illness, reduce the stigma, and increase the likelihood of early detection and help seeking, TIFHP provides the education and resources necessary to support adolescent girls.
This is For Her Program (TIFH) involves a series of workshops, each one tailored to a different topic within mental health. By working with girls in a group setting, the program allows girls to rely on each other, and discuss these
topics with their peers outside of the group.
Objectives of This is for Her (TIFH) Workshop included;

  • To provide mental health education and art therapy for girls and women
    in areas with limited access to care.
  • To increase public awareness of mental health among women and girls.
  • To implement programs that help decrease stigma and empower girls to
    understand their own emotions.
  • To provide educational pamphlets and exercises that have been designed
    for girls by mental health providers and after the educational component,
    the program incorporates art therapy exercises.
  • To create a safe space for girls to navigate their own emotions, discuss
    their mental health, and know how to identify warning signs in
    themselves or a peer.