Know yours rights!!!

A life free of Physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse.

Domestic Violence is the willful intimation, physical assault, and battery, sexual assault of a spouse or partner. It includes emotional, physiological

Gender based Violence is violation of human rights and form of discrimination and threat against women.

Bernice Women is privileged to not only celebrate and recognize Women’s Day by uplifting the Violence victims and survivors roles , we share and learn with them the best ways to deal and end violence but to also organize campaigns for Legal change in Uganda.

Are you being hurt?

kicking, hitting or strangling you

Is it control?

Asked where you are going or who you spend time with?

Do you get blamed for the violence and abuse?

Taking the children away!

Is that a threat you hear that all the time?

    Do you get constant verbal threats?

 Are you forced into unwanted sex?